Big red rugby’s 2019 spring camp registration is now open

Click the registration button below to register your child for Nebraska's only "Rookie Rugby" sports program. Registration is open through April 5th.

- Youth Rugby for age groups 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10 can be registered for the Saturday Skill's Camp from 9am - 4pm

- Junior Rugby for age groups 11-12 and 13-14 can be registered for the Saturday Skill's Camp from 9am - 4pm and the NEW Tackle Techniques Camp on Sunday from 9am - 4pm

- Participants will receive two Big Red Rugby shirts and lunch hosted by Big Red Rugby. Camps will be held at Westside Middle School: 8601 Arbor St, Omaha, NE 68124

The Skill's Camp will teach the basics of Rugby which will also set a solid foundation for your child's future in all sports. We start with basic body positions, fundamental movements, and proper hand positions. We then progress through ball handling skills, positioning on both offense and defense, and proper passing techniques. The older age groups (11-14) progress their skills in learning lineouts, scrumming and the basics of kicking a rugby ball. All the skills and techniques that your child learns will culminate in a scored round-robin and set the foundation for their success during the 2019 Season starting in June. Click HERE to receive updates for the upcoming season.

The Tackle Techniques Camp teaches the basics of safe tackling, setting the foundation for your child to be both safe and successful in any future contact sport they may play. Techniques learned comprise of the following: learning proper body position, learning proper feet placement, learning correct head placement, and learning the art of correct wrapping of the tackled player. All these techniques can reduce the potential for injury and helps them to safely play contact sports. These key, fundamental, habits are what this program is designed to teach and having a sound foundation for correct tackle techniques early on, will help your child to succeed in the future.

For detailed instructions on how to play Rugby, click HERE.